Eigenproduktion, Schülerinnen und Schüler der Jahrgangsstufe 6

Everyone knows monsters are waiting under the bed to get us; Monsters are lurking for us everywhere, in every corner and every closet. Anyone could be a monster – even ourselves sometimes.

When eight girls meet up for an afternoon of fun games, the situation slowly and strangely starts to go awry. The girls begin to alter into beings far more terrifying. Quite suddenly an ordinary afternoon together transforms into a ghastly and horrifying experience they will never forget. Some time later the girls‘ parents come to pick them up, only to discover they are not the same children they once knew…

Von und mit:
Josefine Birkhoff, Franziska Dickerhoff, Mattea Macco, Linn Mielke, Suzan Saltürk, Paula Scholz, Marie Willems and Susan Younes
Jayne Mulcahy-Roth, Liz Hawighorst, Zara Ritz-Rahman, Hazel O’Brien, Borsha Thielemann
Paula Scholz, Mattea Macco
Sebastian Gundlach
Valer Schulte-Fischedick
Manel Abdulrahim, Dan Bethell
35 Minuten
20. Mai 2011, Premiere im Rahmen der Maskerade

Theatergruppe 6/7